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I can’t let that happen.” Confrontation was not the usual style of Shultz, who preferred negotiations behind closed doors. His bland features and mild statements revealed so little to outsiders that reporters called him the Sphinx. As a mediator, Shultz was honest and direct with those on the other side of the bargaining table. “Trust is the coin of the realm,” he often said . As labor secretary, Shultz’s candid sessions with union officials produced jobs for Black workers in the then lily-White building trades of Philadelphia. As secretary of state, Shultz gained the trust of Eduard Shevardnadze , his Soviet counterpart. They worked together to produce the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed in 1987 by Reagan and Gorbachev, the only U.S.-Soviet treaty that reduced nuclear arsenals instead of stabilizing them at higher levels. Shultz studied economics and international affairs at Princeton, where he was inspired by Princeton’s mission to the wider world, telling me once that “it gets in your bones.” Although he was an enthusiastic athlete, an injury prevented him from playing football at Princeton. But that didn’t keep him from tattooing a Princeton Tiger on his posterior. In his later years, Shultz remained a young old man who liked dancing, had many friends, enjoyed his 11 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren, and was in demand as a writer and lecturer. Ensconced in the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, which he treasured, Shultz envisioned a world free of nuclear weapons and called for maintaining democratic traditions in the fight against terrorism. In his final years, he focused on the future, writing about the challenges posed by global warning and demographic change. George P. Shultz was at once a patriot and an internationalist. As a Marine Corps artillery officer in World War II, he saw combat in the Pacific. As secretary of state, he would take newly minted U.S. envoys to a large globe and ask them to name their country. Invariably, they pointed to the nation where they were about to be sent.


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